Toronto, Ontario – Atlanta Gold Inc. (TSXV: ATG; OTCQX: ATLDF) announces that the innovative passive water filtration system (“PWFS”) installed on November 1, 2012 (see News Release of November 28, 2012) by its subsidiary Atlanta Gold Corporation (“AGC”), continues to remove more than 99% of the arsenic and the iron levels continue to be in compliance with the U.S. Clean Water Act.

“We are continuing daily monitoring of the Pilot Water Treatment Facilities, paying particular attention to the water filtration system and testing variable flows through the two filtration tanks,” said President and CEO, Ernest Simmons.

In addition to daily monitoring, AGC’s testing addressed the following:

  • Influent behind the bulkhead at approximately 5,000 parts per billion (“ppb”) Arsenic (As) passing through the X-cut to the portal required additional iron to maintain the As reduction in the bedded primary filter to recover over 75%.
  • Pond influent is pre-treated with Calcium (CaCO3) to increase the pH to approximately 7 and the CaCO3 was taken off-line for two weeks to determine the effectiveness of the additive during low flows.
  • Pond influent is also pre-treated with Ferric Sulphate (FeSO4) to provide a bonding ion for the As. Following testing of the water without Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) for two weeks, the CaCO3 was put back on-line and then the FeSO4 was taken off-line for the next two weeks and then put back on-line.
  • The influent water samples to the final filters provided the Company with substantial scientific information that was required for AGC to make the decision to modify its Supplemental Plan of Operations (SPOO) in early 2013.

Ernie Simmons continues: “The Plan for Spring of 2013, prior to maximum flow and run-off, is to modify the SPOO, have the changes approved by the responsible agencies, and expand the capacity of the filter system instead of increasing pond capacity. With the completion of the SPOO scheduled for December 2014 and control of water discharge flow rates, I have no doubt that this innovative system is the right choice for Atlanta.”

There have been numerous inquiries from communities, mine operators and well water users expressing interest in AGC’s PWFS. The Company, AGC, and CENTRA Consulting, Inc. have agreed in principle to work together to market and deliver PWFSs to third parties.

About the Company

Atlanta Gold Inc. holds through its 100% owned subsidiary, Atlanta Gold Corporation, leases, options or ownership interests in its Atlanta properties which comprise approximately 2,159 acres (8.74 square kilometres) located 90 air kilometers east of Boise, in Elmore County, Idaho. A long history of mining

makes Atlanta very suitable for development of new mining projects. The Company is focused on advancing its core asset, Atlanta, towards mine development and production.

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